Francesca Sproccati

This LP is made of trails of two journeys over the summer 2020. Five days inside the city of Naples and two days above the Jungfrau glacier while creating the performance Out of Me, Inside You. Environments and landscapes were filmed and recorded by smartphones.
Two years later, some of these videos became purely sonic matter. They are leftovers. Hidden things. What we consciously left unshown.
Out of Me, Inside You - Il tempo di rivoluzione è un giro attorno al sole is an extension of the work itself. The record works as a prelude and echo Inside the performance. Whereas Outside it's tangible matter, that can be carried into anyone’s intimacy.

Concept, care, field recordings and selection 
Francesca Sproccati e Elena Boillat
Sound production, mixing and master 
Adriano Iiriti
Artwork and graphic 
Luca Iiriti
Manifacture and printing 
Grand Voyage
Original image on the cover
Francesca Sproccati