Francesca Sproccati is an artist active in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts and is based in Lugano (Switzerland).

Since 2017 she has been developing her personal artistic research.

In 2018 she premièred with the 3 hour long immersive performance EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter at the FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della Scena Contemporanea - LAC Lugano.

Presently she is working on her second pièce Out of Me, Inside You (semifinalist a PREMIO Schweiz 2020). Since 2018 she started a close artistic collaboration with Elena Boillat who participated in both creative processes.

The centre of her research is focused on the presence of the performative body inside the installative performance approach.  Francesca questions the relationship between action and contemplation as a reflection of the one between audience and performers. She is interested in developing devices where the sensorial presence of people could remains alive during the theatrical experience.