Francesca Sproccati works as an artist in the field of the performing arts in Lugano (Switzerland). In 2017 she starts her personal artistic research, creating in 2018 the performance/installation EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter. In 2021 she stages Out of Me, Inside You (semifinalist at PREMIO Schweiz 2020), a live set celebrating the state of melancholy and emptiness. The creative processes of these two projects are joined by a close collaboration with artist Elena Boillat. While in 2019 she co-creates with artist Alan Alpenfelt Mein Vater Erzählt Mir Jeden Sonntag Unsere Neun Planeten, a 24-hours sound performance inspired by Space. Francesca is interested in developing scenic devices in which people's sensory perception (of the audience as well as the performers) can remain alive during the theatrical experience.

She is co-creator of the movement Ticino is Burning.