EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter

immersive 3 hours performance | 2018

the audience is free to enter and leave the space when it want

In the face of the common feeling of a constant impossible race against time (“I have no time”), the pièce “EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter” ponders time as a place of infinite possibilities. The time that this pièce deals with is real time, absurdly diachronic, fragmented, and difficult to grasp. Here, spectators share the stage space with three performers, and everybody is invited to travel. “EXP:” is an environment to pass through, an inhabited place to visit and immerse yourself in. “EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter” could become a fitness center for weight loss, a mystical temple where ascetic rites are performed, a punk-rock concert, and much more. In fact, “EXP:” is simply a place dedicated to collective experimentation.

This experience encourages an osmosis between the audience and the performers and aims to create practices for integrating the contemplative life with the active one. Faced with the infinite possibility of choices of contemporary life, we decide to answer with a minimalism of intentions.

“EXP: je voudrais commencer par sauter” connects the language of the installation with that of the performance, so as to create a place that is time and that changes as it flows. The staging is a sound and visual landscape, a performative framework that, by translating the chosen abstract concept, itself becomes dramaturgy.

concept Francesca Sproccati
dramaturg and project assistance Elena Boillat
set and sound Elisa Storelli
performance Elena Boillat, Benjamin Burger, Francesca Sproccati
lights Rosario Ilardo

production lifops
co - production FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della Scena Contemporanea, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona e Spazio 52dbA Lugano
supported by Repubblica e Cantone Ticino DECS – Fondo Swisslos, Pro Helvetia Fondazione Svizzera per la cultura, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Città di Lugano


(…) A philosophical venture on the concept of Tempus fugit – to paraphrase Virgil – on an entity that is difficult to capture and that today requires reflection on the sense of absence that acts on the state of intimate and collective well-being, on the ability to assess what we do or we want to do. (…) And where sounds and bodies seek space in the inexorable passage of time; in short, EXP: is a contemplative metaspectacle that has the merit of not leaving the audience indifferent.

Giorgio Thoeni (Azione, 1.10.2018)