Out of Me, Inside You

direction and performance Francesca Sproccati 
artistic collaboration Elena Boillat 
sound collaboration Adriano Iiriti 
external eye and dramaturgical advice Alan Alpenfelt
production lifops
co - production FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della Scena Contemporanea
with the support of Pro Helvetia Fondazione Svizzera per la Cultura, DECS Repubblica e Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos, Città di Lugano e DanceMe UP Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
residences LAC Lugano, Teatro San Materno Ascona, DanceMe UP Festival ConFormazioni Palermo, Fondazione Claudia Lombardi

semi-finalist PREMIO SCHWEIZ 2020

Out of Me, Inside You is a live set where the performer invites the audience to take part in a crossing that extends between video fragments, words, sound and light. Out of Me, Inside You is a theatrical performance but with an intimate soul. A work that weaves our present. In the background, in fact, a certain melancholy, a state of mind that we very often perceive as immobile and therefore to be avoided, because it would disturb our advance towards happiness.

A question accompanies from the beginning the research of Out of Me, Inside You: can melancholy be a revolutionary movement?

Ph. Emanuele Padovani, Lorenzo Gatto