Out of Me, Inside You

intimate performance for a small group of people | 2021
estimated duration: 45 min

Melancholia party.

Let’s have fun.

Maybe it looks very serious. In a way It is.

There is some urgency. To get closer.

But melancholia is just a pretext.

To be here together. To realize that we are here together.

Out of Me, Inside You is a live set made of video fragments, words and sounds.
Out of Me, Inside You is a space for listening and meditation, where to disconnect from what is known and defined.
Out of me, Inside You is a performance-installation where contemplation and rêverie are welcome like fall asleep and get bored.
By an accumulation of few elements playing in a loop the performer generates an intimate and vibrant ambient full of emptiness. A suspension.

Included in the performance is the listening of the vinyl Out of Me, Inside You. Il tempo di rivoluzione è un giro attorno al sole, an extension of the work itself. The record acts as prelude and echo Inside the performance. Outside it is a tangible matter, that can be carried into anyone’s intimacy.

A contemplative dimension of abandonment between video and sound.
                                                                                                       (Giorgio Thoeni, Azione)

Can solitude be welcoming? And the universe?
The contemplating audience becomes part of the performance,
just by being present and feeling their sensations resonate with one voice: a common breath.

(Sofia Aliprandi, Keep Fit With Radio)

“Out of Me, Inside You”: le strade della malinconia

(Interview by Clara Storti, La Regione)


concept and performance Francesca Sproccati
artistic collaboration
Elena Boillat
sound collaboration
Adriano Iiriti
dramaturg Rosa Coppola
thank you to
Alan Alpenfelt and Camilla Parini

production lifops
co - production
FIT Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della Scena Contemporanea
with the support of
Pro Helvetia Fondazione Svizzera per la Cultura,
DECS Repubblica e Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos,
Città di Lugano e DanceMe UP Creative Europe Programme and Perypezye Urbane
LAC Lugano, Teatro San Materno Ascona, DanceMe UP Festival
ConFormazioni Palermo, Fondazione Claudia Lombardi

semi-finalist PREMIO SCHWEIZ 2020